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Nyonya’s Little Helper, a modern-day kitchen tool using hydroponics to revolutionise growing the Peranakan’s favourite spices and herbs. The key objective of this project was to research Singapore’s national identity with an anthropological mindset. Nyona’s Little Helper is an attempt at presenting modern day technology with a twist of Peranakan heritage. Through embracing this indoor growing tool, the Peranakans would have been able to grow their most important ingredients at hand, all year round.

Nyona's Little Helper

Who are the Peranakans? Beginning from the 10th century C.E, traders from all over central and east Asia travelled to South-East Asia. They took local women as wife’s and integrated themselves into the local community - Peranakan women were referred to as Nyona’s .These communities wore a proud combined heritage and because of their global cultural identity and influences, the Peranakans were always quick to evolve and loved to embrace new technologies. Peranakan kitchens were a place of creation, storytelling, connection, and collaboration, with all hands-on board to provide the now known world renowned cuisine for Peranakan families. Traditional Nyonya tableware made from porcelain was opulent, flamboyant, organic in form and always classic in style.

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