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A Simple Drain

lONDON//'19//4 weeks

How might we reduce the build-up of solidified cooking oils and grease (aka ‘fatbergs’) in London’s sewerage system that cause severe damage to neighbouring environments within and out of London?

Lifecycle analysis //

Multidisciplinary collaboration //

Design thinking //

Ethnographic research //

Stakeholder validation //

Material testing //

Rapid prototyping //

Product design Engineering //

A Simple Drain, a drain cover retrofit for kitchen sinks that separates and absorbs cooking oils/grease mixed with running water. Using oleophilic (oil absorbant and water repellent) material and mimicking industrial sized oil skimmers, oils collected in sachets can be dispensed to create more bio-plastic drain covers. 

The aim of this cross-disciplinary challenge was to identify, define and solve a problem surrounding the theme of ‘protection’. The project involved the participation of two Design Engineers, a Textile Designer, a Fashion designer, a Product designer and an Innovation Designer (me).

Team | Kunyang Li, Ni Wangxia, Matt Hayden, Kevin Rouff, Imran Nazerali

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