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How might we improve the health and wellbeing for older people living in Sheltered Housing schemes to encourage healthy living and thriving in later life stages?

COVID-19 and the need for technology


When the concept was co-created and developed with residents, the intent was to blend physical and digital with a stronger focus on the physical space. However, due to the pandemic and its restrictions on sharing physical space, evolving the technology component has become critical in allowing people to engage with while they’re safe in their own home. A physical/digital blend is due to be developed with residents and a technology partner.

Design thinking process through Covid-19 //

Inclusive design //

Human-centred design //

Ethnographic research //

Co-creation workshops //

Qualitative & quantitative research //

Visual communication//


CommuniTree, an interactive communication hub for residents. It is a means to showcase residents’ skills and interests with others in the community, providing a channel for communication and connection. Additionally, it acts as a way to celebrate new arrivals, flipping what is often an invisible and unannounced experience into a positive opportunity to immediately connect and feel a sense of belonging. This project is currently being developed for trial at select Guinness Partnership housing for older people schemes across England.


This sits in the context of the UK’s recent acknowledgment of its under-served ageing population, noticeable through initiatives such as the UK government’s £98 million healthy ageing programme

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